The Dyatlov Pass Incident

In 1959, Igor Dyatlov led the group of nine other experienced hikers, mostly his university colleagues, on a trip. While one of the members, Yuri Yudin, was forced to quit due to illness, the others continued the trip. They established a camp on the slopes of Kholat Syakhl in an area now named Dyatlov Pass,... Continue Reading →


The SCP Foundation

The SCP Foundation (Secure, Contain, Protect) is a fictional organisation made famous as a creepypasta. Its members are doctors, researchers and agents and its goal is to catalogue unknown creatures, objects and other intriguing phenomena (all referred to as SCPs), including describing experiments being done on them. The official website was launched in January 2008.... Continue Reading →

The Curious Case of Emilie Sagee

While she was good at her job and liked by students, French teacher Emilie Sagee kept moving from school to school quite often. Why? She had a doppelgänger everyone saw but herself. In fact, Emilie didn't see her doppelgänger even once. Her story was first told by Julie von Güldenstubbe, daughter of Baron von Güldenstubbe.... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Lokrum

Thanks to Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik got famous. Really famous. And many who've visited Dubrovnik also went to Lokrum, a nearby island. What they probably didn't know is the island is allegedly cursed. I first heard the story when I visited the island with my friend, who is from Dubrovnik, back in primary school. I... Continue Reading →

Raëlians, Part 2: Teachings and Work

This is the second part of my post about Raëalians - while the first part focused on history, the second will focus on the movement itself. If you missed the first post, you can read it here. *** After he finally returned to Earth, Raël kept spreading the word of Elohim. The most important thing... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Horror Films

All right, the title is a bit much. I can't say these are my ultimate top 10 horror films. Rather, they're just 10 horror films I like and want to recommend. I can't even say a have a favourite one. It really depends on what I'm in the mood for at the given moment, you... Continue Reading →

The Hogwarts Tag!

You probably don't know this at this point, but I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. The books influenced my childhood so much. I was waiting for my letter and I'm still waiting for it. Anyway, I came across this Hogwarts tag here and tagged myself because it's cute AF and I need something like this... Continue Reading →

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